Hanata Guest House Friends Website


Dear friends,

Sorry to bother you but could you please send your message through the following address for the time being? The following contact is unavailable now. When it has become available, let me write you here.

Sorry for your inconveniences.


Toshio Fusada,
Hana Guesthouse ex-Manager.
Present Lake Town Heartfelt manager

  Hello Everyone! Guest House Hanata is now a part of our memories and our past. Do you remember ? Getting checked in with your baggage, bicycle ride to Noda, training and coming back, going to the kitchen for supper, what a time!. I have asked Ricardo to do this website as a memorial to our beloved guest house and also as a token of appreciation and gratitude to your loyalty during the many years I had the pleasure of being IGH manager.

  If I can help you in any way or if you simply want to send us an email to say hello (we will post all emails and photos soon) please use the contact form below. In case you have difficulty in finding a place to stay near the Hombu Dojo, I have reserved 2 rooms in the 2nd floor of my house so that you can stay here when you come on your next training trip. Though conditions may vary depending on the occupancy, you will be provided services with generous friendliness. Bicycles, Internet connection or other help is available. Feel free to contact us!

Toshio Fusada, IGH ex-Manager.


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